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Stilling: Social og sundheds assistent Oprettet: 24-01-2022
Job start: Snarest muligt Annoncenr: 121915
JobId: 132870
Arbejdssted: 2920 Charlottenlund Køn: MK
Krav: Ikke ryger

Kort beskrivelse

Helpers with neurorehabilitation experience


Are you an English-speaking health care worker, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, disability helper or other similar non-Danish education with neurorehabilitation experience – than you are the one we need

Goal for your efforts
That our citizen can be at home with her family and be able to have a meaningful relationship and everyday life with her husband and children.
Due to the fluctuating and declining wellbeing of our citizen, work is primarily done to promote appropriate energy management as well as prevent and deal with increased stress and affect.

About the woman
The 46-year-old woman lives in Charlottenlund and has suffered a brain injury after a traffic accident. The woman lives with her husband and two children, aged 5 and 9.
The woman finds security in the company of her spouse. When she is in balance, she can initiate activity based on needs she observes in the environment. For example, emptying the dishwasher, putting together laundry, painting, watering flowers, cooking and making tea, etc.
When she is in balance, she can:
• Initiate relevant breaks between activities and stay in the break situation over time
• Make contact for perceived needs for help and can receive support and guidance
• Tolerate inputs from the environments
• Express gratitude and make jokes

Challenges and support in relation to the woman’s everyday life
The woman can briefly participate in the daily activities throughout the day, with support to initiate and continue each sub-action she performs. She is often observant about what the family is doing and can find peace in this. She seeks to a great extent the company of her spouse, which helps her feel safe.
She has difficulty maintaining what she needs here and now, and constantly needs to repeat the ongoing plan. She is easily distracted by stimuli in the environment and does not return to what she was doing by herself if she is preoccupied with something else. She may also have difficulty understanding if her spouse and children are leaving in the morning, but she is not.
She needs support to spend time with the children, to become aware of their needs and to shut down discussions.
The woman is dependent on always having a person with her who can support her in entering into and switching between activities. She tends to repeat actions as she is not aware of what she has just done and what she is going to do in a little while. She does not have a stable circadian rhythm and may have difficulty going back to sleep if she wakes up at night.
When she becomes insecure and confused, it is seen that she tends to increase her load and stress. The higher the load/stress, the greater the risk that she may become loud and extroverted. In case of stress, she can put into words that she is “alert”.
She has difficulty acting on emotions herself and depending on the degree of stress she may have difficulty handling suggestions to initiate e.g., rest or massage.

Working hours
Monday to Friday 8.30-12.30 and 12.30-17.00. Due to the intensity of the task, long shifts are not recommended, and therefore the day is split into two shifts.
You need to support the woman in the mornings, when the children leave, and in the afternoon when they return home.

You bring experience
We are looking for female skilled health care workers (SSH/SSA) and experienced helpers with skills in neurorehabilitation.

You are never alone
You get a permanent advisor, with whom you can always seen advice and guidance. So even if you do not surround yourself with colleagues when you are at work, you always have DUOS with you.
With us, you can be sure that there are orderly conditions. We offer salary and pension by union agreement as well as liability and occupational injury insurance. You develop both personally and professionally every day you are at work. Its unavoidably when you work with people.

Can you see yourself in the job?
Then do not hesitate – send an application as soon as possible via the application link below. Remember that you must be logged in to your profile to apply. If we find you relevant for the position, we will call you. Either way, you will receive a response to your application as soon as possible. However, we hope for your patience if it drags out a bit. It is important for us that we make the right match between the citizen and the helper. If you have questions about the job, you are always welcome to contact advisor Lone Nielsen on tel. No. 25429623 or recruitment consultant Didde Ewé Wegener on tel. No. 22649337.

We are people who help people
DUOS helps people in everyday life and supports them in difficult situations. As one of Denmark’s largest and oldest welfare providers, we strive to be present where the need is. We know the importance of the right empathy and the right professional knowledge, and we know that we must put the citizen at the center and build trust if our services are to have value. Come and join the DUOS team. And make an important difference for another human being. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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