Stilling: Hjælper Oprettet: 27-06-2020
Job start: Lørdag d. 01-08-2020 Annoncenr: 101711
Arbejdssted: 4000 Roskilde Køn: MK
Krav: Kørekort


Im looking for a personal helper

Im looking to hire a helper that will be a part of a team of 4. The scheme and hours haven’t been made yet, and therefore the hours aren’t set in stone yet. Since the team is only 4 people, it is very important that you are a ‘teamplayer’ and ready to cover your colleagues shifts, in case you are sick, and vice versa. The shifts will vary, but typically be from 6:00-24:00. The shifts are changing depending on what im doing, e.g. im at a party, means the shifts probably is going to be prolonged. You will be working 1 day (around 18 hours), and then a couple of days off. The shifts will also be during holy days (Christmas, etc.) new years eve, and alike.

A bit about me, and the job:
I am a 22 years old man. I moved to Roskilde last year, to study at RUC, where im doing a bachelor of city planning combined with sociology. I love meeting new people and hang out with friends. I play the guitar, and im trying to learn how to sing. I have an absolute passion for cooking. Other than that, I love Spanish, and im currently trying to reach a level C1 (so a big plus if you are a Spanish native)

I see myself as a happy, engaged and very open person whom always gets the best out of what I’m doing.

Working as a helper for me is in its essence being my ‘arms & legs’. I have muscular dystrophy, which means I lose muscles in all of my body, but mainly around the shoulders and hips. This means I have difficulties getting around, and basically all practical stuff, which you are there to help with. This could be cleaning, cooking etc. whatever needs done in the house. Other than that, helping me get around, help me to and from the toilet, shower etc. Since we are going to be together for many hours at a time, it is very important that you as a helper know ‘when to be there, and when not to be there’/or be the ‘fly on the wall’. At times it is very important that I can be alone with somebody 1:1, where a helper might disturb this. But at other times when we are alone together, that we can still get some ‘hygge’ together. This is a very triggy balance that I don’t expect you to master at the beginning, but I believe in open communication is the key to making it happen.

Working as a helper means that a lot of the hours are very quiet. E.g. when Im having lectures, you are waiting outside the auditorium for almost 2 hours. So its important that you have something to entertain yourself with, like reading, preparing something on a computer, or just watching Netflix.

I don’t expect you to have any form of experience in this field, though a driver’s license is a must.

If you, or anyone you know would be interested in being my helper, please let me know how you see yourself working as a helper.

If you have any questions for/about me, then don’t hesitate, and write me! My mail is:

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