Stilling: Hjælper Oprettet: 08-01-2023
Job start: Onsdag d. 01-02-2023 Annoncenr: 133631
Arbejdssted: 2660 Brøndby Strand Køn: MK

Kort beskrivelse

Helper 12h awake shifts


no medical-related requirements.
day shift: 08 - 20
night shift: 20 - 08 (awake, but you don't need to stare at me)

1 position is open. Can be either part or fulltime(6-13shifts). I am also looking for substitutes.
You are expected to take approximately even amount of days and nights per month unless we agree to some different special-snowflake arrangement.
Shifts are planned a month or two ahead. You are expected to take extra shifts when your coworkers are sick.

I'm a tetraplegic(chest down) 33 y/o guy looking for a helper. I can flap about with my arms but that's about it. No machinery keeping me alive.

Although I've lived in DK for now larger part of my life, and do speak Danish, I prefer English. Born in Ukraine.

After you hoist me up of bed & the toilet(!) based activities are done - I spend most of the above mentioned 12 hours in front of the computer(I used to be programmer). I will mostly bug you with making tea/coffee & giving me a smoke(!). Occasional cleaning/cooking/apartment upkeep.

On a very rare occasion you'll need to get me dressed, put me in a manual wheelchair & push me to the city (the electric chair is not stair-friendly).

Ask for more info.

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