Stilling: Handicaphjælper/Helper Oprettet: 04-05-2019
Job start: Tirsdag d. 04-06-2019 Annoncenr: 90287
Arbejdssted: 2660 Brøndby Strand Køn: Kvinde


shifts are :
day shift: 08 => 20
night shift: 20 => 08 (awake!)

you are expected to take approximately even amount of days and nights per month.

I'm a (relatively) newly crippled tetraplegic(chest down) 30 y/o guy looking for a helper. Preferably around my age.

After you hoist me up of bed & the toilet based activities are done - I spend most of the above mentioned 12 hours in front of the computer(I used to be programmer), so I guess the main requirement is for you to be able to keep yourself entertained. I will mostly bug you with making tea/coffee & giving me a smoke. Occasional cleaning/cooking/etc.

I come attached to a piss-bag via a catheter, which we'll be part of your responsibilities.

On a fairly rare occasion you'll need to get me dressed, put me in a manual wheelchair & push me to the city (the electric chair is not stair-friendly).

Ask for more info.

Previous applicants encouraged to re-apply.

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